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Platinum OG is named after its silver sheen appearance. Platinum is an Indica dominant hybrid born from parent strains Platinum OG Kush (composed of Master Kush and Landrace Afghanstan indica, or possibly Medo Purps) and OG Kush male from Apothecary Genetics.

With a THC content recorded at 17-24{2bc6b8587340c86d94b955f9c3894b1d8cc129a17efd35fca31b56e7c4382adc} and effects of heavy physical and mental sedation, Platinum OG is considered one of the heaviest Indica dominant strains on the market with pine and cedar flavour commonly reported.

Buy legit and cheap Platinum OG online

Platinum OG is recommended for use in the evenings, prior to or in assistance of sleep and can be helpful for combating depression, physical pain and insomnia.


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